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Tis the season of babies

By Aaron Burns, May 12 2017 02:49PM

This is a busy time of year with many of the breeding pairs either about to or having already layed eggs.

Currently I am raising 2 scops owls, there are also 4 mottled owl eggs in the incubator which should be hatching soon, plus the mum is still sittig on a couple, the Great Greys are on 4 eggs, the Blue Wing Kookaburras are on a couple of eggs. The White Faced are showing interest so fingers crossed. The Tengmalms have gone down again after an abortive first attempt.

I will also be taking delivery of a couple of Tawny owls this week, one is an older male that I will be taking to events the other a younger female that I will use for breeding.

Still looking for an African Wood Owl (Male) as my female is sitting on an infertile egg so if you know anyone with one for sale please make contact.

The new section of the avairy complex is all but finished and once the breeding season is out of the way I will be demolishing the old section and rebuilding so I can increase the number of smaller species for breeding.

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