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My blog will be more of a news update than a regular blog. When I have news about my owls, new arrivals etc it will be posted here.

Another Year

By Aaron Burns, Mar 26 2017 02:39PM

How time flies. I did not relaise that it had been so long since updating my web site, almost a year. Much has happened in the last year both good and bad. The new complex is almost complete (will add a few pics and update later). Unfortunately we said goodbye to a firm favourite in Woody my Asian Brown Wood owl, she started going broody and then we had a cold snap which resulted in her being egg bound, it had to happen on a weekend I was away and I could do nothing to help this dear old friend. Buz her partner is now all alone and I have decided to sell him to concentrate on other breeds. The season has started and already my Tenglmalms are on eggs and both the Motteled and White Face shw signs of having gone down. I promise to try and be a little more diligent in updating the site this year.

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