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My blog will be more of a news update than a regular blog. When I have news about my owls, new arrivals etc it will be posted here.

A slight Diverson

By Aaron Burns, Sep 24 2017 03:46PM

I have recently obtained an unrelated pair of Cararcaras, they are vey active and always on the move. They are only a year old so will not be ready for breeding for at least another two years. I am still hoping to get another couple of birds before the year is finished. The building project has started, well the demolition of the old avairies anyway, I need to make progress as I want it finished before the next breeding season gets underway. Next year breeders should be, Great Greys, Mottled, White Faced, Blue Wing Kookaburras. Scops, Tawny's and Tengmalms. Still on the lokout for a male African Wood Owl, a Male Tengmalm and a male McKinders, so if you have any please get in touch.

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