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My blog will be more of a news update than a regular blog. When I have news about my owls, new arrivals etc it will be posted here.

By Aaron Burns, Sep 24 2017 03:46PM

I have recently obtained an unrelated pair of Cararcaras, they are vey active and always on the move. They are only a year old so will not be ready for breeding for at least another two years. I am still hoping to get another couple of birds before the year is finished. The building project has started, well the demolition of the old avairies anyway, I need to make progress as I want it finished before the next breeding season gets underway. Next year breeders should be, Great Greys, Mottled, White Faced, Blue Wing Kookaburras. Scops, Tawny's and Tengmalms. Still on the lokout for a male African Wood Owl, a Male Tengmalm and a male McKinders, so if you have any please get in touch.

By Aaron Burns, Aug 18 2017 04:35PM

The owls have finished breeding for the year and a very successful one it proved to be. The Great Greys raised four chicks, the Mottled 5 chicks. and the Indian Scops 3 chicks. The Tenmalms were unsuccessful and the White faced and Blue Wing Kookuburras also failed. I still have a few Mottled chicks available if anyone is looking for one.

Last week saw us camped out at Woodcote Green Garden centre (Wallington), we provided a number of shows throughout the day (Monday - Friday), the children enjoyed meeting the owls and we must have had over a 1000 people pass through. It was a very enjoyable but also a very tiring week. We are waiting for some photographs to be forwarded to us and we will add them to the site.

The owls are now having a well earned rest before the events start again in September.

During the Summer I have added to the collection, and now have 4 Tawny owls so hoping to start breeding them next year, I am still looking to add other birds both to the display team as well as the breeding programme. This month also sees the start of the rebuild of a large part of the avairy complex, just waiting for another owl breeder to collect a couple of birds as I need to move the occupants around. Once this has been done it is going to be a complete knock down and rebuild. The layout will be different with a number of the avaries dedicated to the breeding birds.

Keep a lookout as the web site will be revamped over the coming months and we also plan to start selling owl related merchandise in time for Christmas.

By Aaron Burns, May 28 2017 04:17PM

It has been a busy time not only with young owls hatching but I have also been aquiring other birds. I have gone from 1 Tawny owl to 4, hopefully this will now enable me not only to take a Tawny to more events but as from next year start to breed them. I have also obtained a McKinders Eagle Owl, I have named her Beauty and she certainly lives up to that name, she has settled in well and is very inquistitive.

On the breeding side of things I currently have 2 x scops owls that are growing well, the parents are also sitting a couple of eggs. There are 2 x mottled owls that have just hatched with another in the incubator about to hatch, the parents are also sitting a couple of eggs. The Great Greys are currently raising 4 chicks. The Blue wing Kookaburras are also sitting two eggs and the Tengmalms latest batch did not survive but she has returned to the nest so we still might have some success.

The single African Wood Owl is sitting on one egg, obviously with no chance of success as she does not have a mate and my Snowy Owl Tundra is sitting on 2 eggs and a tennis ball, the egges wont come to anything as there again there is no mate and Ive never heard of a tennis ball hatching. The newly paired White Faced are getting on well so they could be activity later in the summer.

i am still hoping to get a pair of Hornbills later in the summer.

By Aaron Burns, May 12 2017 02:49PM

This is a busy time of year with many of the breeding pairs either about to or having already layed eggs.

Currently I am raising 2 scops owls, there are also 4 mottled owl eggs in the incubator which should be hatching soon, plus the mum is still sittig on a couple, the Great Greys are on 4 eggs, the Blue Wing Kookaburras are on a couple of eggs. The White Faced are showing interest so fingers crossed. The Tengmalms have gone down again after an abortive first attempt.

I will also be taking delivery of a couple of Tawny owls this week, one is an older male that I will be taking to events the other a younger female that I will use for breeding.

Still looking for an African Wood Owl (Male) as my female is sitting on an infertile egg so if you know anyone with one for sale please make contact.

The new section of the avairy complex is all but finished and once the breeding season is out of the way I will be demolishing the old section and rebuilding so I can increase the number of smaller species for breeding.

By Aaron Burns, Mar 26 2017 02:39PM

How time flies. I did not relaise that it had been so long since updating my web site, almost a year. Much has happened in the last year both good and bad. The new complex is almost complete (will add a few pics and update later). Unfortunately we said goodbye to a firm favourite in Woody my Asian Brown Wood owl, she started going broody and then we had a cold snap which resulted in her being egg bound, it had to happen on a weekend I was away and I could do nothing to help this dear old friend. Buz her partner is now all alone and I have decided to sell him to concentrate on other breeds. The season has started and already my Tenglmalms are on eggs and both the Motteled and White Face shw signs of having gone down. I promise to try and be a little more diligent in updating the site this year.

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