" Education and fun rolled into one"

"Education And Fun Rolled Into One"


Zak is a Turkmanien Eagle owl and one of my long term companions, he was

originally purchased for me by my parents as my 18th birthday present which  makes him now  almost 20 years old. He sees me as his mate and during the breeding season will try and feed me day old chicks.  He is a true star and a very impressive bird. Zak was purchased from  Michael Cady one of the UK's top owl breeders, since then he has become my friend and mentor.

Tundra is a female Snowy owl and is a firm favourite when out at  events, her pure white feathers contrasted by her black spots give her a striking look. Did you know that male snowy owls are normally pure white?

Freddy is a White Faced owl and was bred by myself, he is a real character and stepping into the role left when Peace died of old age..    

Boris is the second of my barn Owls he came to me when Heritage Aquatics closed for business, he was the mascot for the pet side of their business. Boris is a very intelligent bird and is a real showman.

This is Ojo a Spectacled Owl, due to his unusual looks he is a very popular bird and very gentle when being handled. He has developed into a very stunning bird and when hem comes out of his box you always here someone in the audience sy "wow".

Saving the biggest to last.  This is Willow, she is a young Siberian Eagle Owl. She really is a gentle giant but if her wings hit you they can hurt as they are so big and powerful. Please dont be offended if you cant stroke her but we only have your and Willows best interest at heart. Willow is another Michael Cady bird, I waited until ome was avaiable that was from his very light coloured strain. Well worth the wait.

Wesley is a Blue Wing Kookaburra his string blue wings and friendly temperatment means he is already a firm favourite when I take him out. Pics to follow.

Beauty is a McKinders Eagle Owl, she is a real softie despite her appearance, her large feet and wings are impressive. Pics to follow)