" Education and fun rolled into one"

I have been keeping and breeding owls since I was just 10 years old, not that I am that old  now,but just lets  say  I have 24 years experience in keeping these wonderful birds.


                                                                               My interest started when as a young boy on holiday in Cornwall with my  family

                                                                               we visited a  bird of prey centre. The man flew a number of birds and I                      

                                                                               was captivated by the Barn Owl, after the  display I was allowed to handle the

                                                                               birds and asked many questions, I even asked my Dad if I could  have one.

                                                                               Dad replied that they were difficult to keep and I would need to learn a lot more

                                                                               about them before he would consider it, the man giving the display said that I

                                                                               had shown more interest  than normal.


                                                                               A year later we revisited the centre and again watched the display, again it was  

                                                                               the owls that grabbed my interest, after the event the man came over and he

                                                                               recognised us from the previous year. He asked "Did you ever get a barn owl?",

                                                                               Dad responded that I had not tried  to learn about them. I stated rather


indignantly that I had and spent the next 15 minutes discussing  Barn owls with the man, at the end the owner of the centre turned to my Dad and said "You will  have to honour your agreement, this lad has learnt a lot about Barn Owls".


That summer I got my  first bird, no prizes for guessing it was a barn owl.

my passion for owls had been ignited.  


Owls To You has been set up primarily to allow members of the public

to view and interact with  these birds, especially aimed at schools and clubs.

The owls are brought to site in their specially  made carryboxes  and during

the event which lasts from 1- 3 hours the audience are introduced to  my various

feathered friends.


I discuss each of the species their habitat, feeding and breeding characteristics.

Depending on the length of the event I will take between 4 - 8 birds along

(also dependant upon time of year). I have  many testimonials from schools and

clubs confirming that the event is both educational and fun.  


The event is also  personally  tailored to the audience age, young children very basic, adults a lot more detail.






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