" Education and fun rolled into one"

"Owls To You" do just that, we bring our owls to you so you can meet our feathered friends close up, at your home, club, nursery, school, retirement home, fetes, fund raising events or even your place of work. We are not a typical bird of prey centre and do not offer a flying display, but a fun educational event where you can hold the owls, learn about their individual characteristics (and each owl does have their

own character), their habitats and their dietary requirements

(not for the squeamish, although the most popular part with the

majority of young boys).  All of the owls featured on this site are either

owned or bred by "Owls To You.


At "Owls To You" we tailor our visit to the audience, we specialise in

taking our owls to schools, giving owl talks & displays to nursery groups

youth clubs, private parties, fetes and commercial events. Our aim is to

educate and have fun, people are facinated by this wonderful group of

birds. The display team comprises; Snowy owl, Eagle owl, Wood owl,

Southern white faced owl, Tawny owl, Siberian Eagle owl and two

Barn owsl. Next year I am hoping to add a Great grey owl.



                                                                "Owls To You is not a major commercial concern, and offering group talks                    

                                                                is an extension of my hobby, the fees charged contribute to the upkeep of

                                                                my owls. I am keen to allow people to get close to my feathered friends.            


                                                               The fees charged go towards the upkeep of my owls, as with some many

                                                                mouths to feed it is a very expensive hobby.


                                                                I also breed many differing species of owls and during the breeding season

                                                                will update our blog page so that you are aware of our new arrivals and

                                                                their availability.




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